Tuesday, 12 June 2012

As ever it has been a hectic few months with works progressing on the barns. In the last week, we had the first barn grit blasted using a glass composite mix to remove the years of mildew and grime that had accumulated over. It can be a messy process but a mild shower during cleaning kept the dust levels to a minimum. As you can see there is a significant colour change in the stone walls and the mineral deposits within the stone have once again started to shine through - probably for the first time since the stone was first quarried!

The process isn't suitable for all stone types as the high pressure can cause the stone to disintegrate. The barn has undergone quite a transformation over the last few months which can be seen via the below link. Happy as ever to answer any queries on the process or development to date.

Google Photo link

Best wishes

Wayne Reynolds

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Barn Update

As ever it has been a busy few months however the barn conversions have been progressing well. The floor has been excavated, levelled and type one hardcore used as a base for the new ground floor slab. Some minor tweaks to the plans arose as the foundations for the external walls were shallower than originally estimated resulting in three steps in the floor slab. The insulation levels have also been adjusted across the barn floor to account for the minor change in level however this wont be installed until after the internal walls and roof have been complete, along with the first fix electrics and heating.

Over the next week the external walls and internal A frames are being sandblasted to clean the stone and timbers. This will also assist removing the old lime render between the stonework before re-pointing. I am hoping to update the photos in the next week however some are attached below in the interim! Any queries happy to provide further information. Cheers, Wayne (wayne)@atriarcgroup.com


Coming from a farming background, Wayne Reynolds (Director) has maintained strong links with the agricultural community in west-Wales. His continued interest in the sector (and family business) resulted in him being drafted as a regular columnist for the Wales Farmer, promoting and discussing agricultural development issues in Wales.

A number of pdf articles are now available via the website and the most recent article is currently out to press available from local newsagents or via the Wales Farmer’s website http://www.walesfarmer.co.uk/

Wayne Reynolds is Director of Atriarc Group – an innovative Planning, Design and Development consultancy based in Wales. 
For further details or enquiries, email wayne@atriarcgroup.com

Monday, 9 January 2012

Wales Business Insider January 2012 edition

Just a quick note today. Atriarc Group features this month in the January 2012 edition of the Welsh Business Insider Magazine. Hopefully a pdf of the article can be uploaded before the end of the week. Visit http://www.atriarcgroup.com/in-the-news later in the week for more information!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Development Update

Welcome back to the Atriarc Group blog. It has been a busy few months completing the website and developing links with new business associates (see http://www.atriarcgroup.com/our-company/our-staff). It has also been a productive few months getting the first of two barn conversions underway. The Christmas period did bring about some delays with companies closing for the festive period, however it has been full steam ahead in 2012 seeing a number of developments for in all fields.

Barn Conversions
The Section 278 Agreement is now being drawn up after agreeing the Highways specifications and final tenders for works are still coming in. Small bay- surprisingly expensive!

The technical specification for the barns is now nearing completion and it is hoped that contractors will commence on site in the next two months subject – hopefully it will be an early spring as the roof of the first barn is due to come off in the coming weeks, ready to re-point the stone below. A key part of the project is project scheduling, a must for any project no matter how small!

If you have any planning, design or environmental related enquiries why not visit our updated website at http://www.atriarcgroup.com/, or for further information on the barn projects contact me on wayne@atriarcgroup.com.

Atriarc Group- Unlock your land assets in 2012!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Business update

Well the company website is coming along. Why not pay us a visit at www.atriarcgroup.com

Whilst the web pages are still under development, if you have any comments or queries on content please do not hesitate to contact me on wayne@atriarcgroup.com

In terms of my own development projects; it has been a busy few weeks with work progressing slowly. After removing the existing barn floor for barn 1, it became apparent that the footing levels were limited to some elevations. Not to worry though, the barn structure has been standing for around a hundred years and has yet to move; subject to stepping the internal floor levels, this minor set back shouldn't delay the project too long (subject to an engineers review). Hopefully within the next few weeks a new floor can be laid and building work can formally commence on site.

Prior to building works commencing we are required under the planning permission to install a new passing bay on the road leading to the site. A survey was undertaken about two weeks back and engineers are currently reviewing the build specs prior to submitting the information to the Local Planning Authority. On receipt of the proposed plans the Section 278 'Highways' Agreement can be signed off and the passing bay constructed. This will formally allow for build works to commence on site. In the interim, minor alterations are also being undertaken to cut back a hedge near to the main road, which in theory has implemented the planning permission (as a planning condition was placed on the permission requiring the works to be undertaken as part of the development).

Now comes the fun part, what to do with the internal layouts and fittings? Time to hit the shops and draft up a series of design boards covering internal fixtures and fittings, a lighting scheme and electrical plan detailing the location of sockets and electrical goods. Wifi? Built in MP3 speakers? Lots to choose from. Draft plans to be uploaded soon. Any queries, let me know, Wayne

Thursday, 13 October 2011

RSAW/ YPC Debate

Yesterday evening, YPC and the RSAW held a joint event debating the role of community involvement in the planning, design and development process. Wayne Reynolds (the director of Atriarc) participated in the event as a panel member, highlighting the challenges between the consultation process and how planning policy and strategy is developing in England and Wales.

The event culminated in an audience discussion, reviewing design mechanisms in Wales, the UK and wider examples from EU States and whether these practices could be implemented in more local settings.

The RSAW remnants exhibition remains open to the public until the 6th of November, at the Old Library, on the Hayes, Cardiff. For further information why not check out http://www.designcirclersawsouth.co.uk/ or pop down for a visit!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Welcome to my development blog

Its only Monday and already its a busy week! With two barn conversions getting off the ground, I have added a few photos to the company blog so that clients, friends, family, or those of you just interested in the world of development, can follow the progress of the conversions over the next year. Hopefully, whether you are a professional or lay person, the blog will be pitched at just the right level for all to enjoy.

As part of the planning permission a passing bay is required just up the road from the farm. This requires a Section 278 Agreement with the Local Authority (LA), a legal Agreement to allow works to be undertaken in the highway. After negotiating with the LA, a combination of Highways plans and contractors details are going to be included to ensure the works are undertaken to an agreed standard (not un-common); however it would have been preferable if we could have undertaken the works as part of a street works licence (as the process is generally a little cheaper and easier to undertake). Just sent off some details to various local companies to see how much the works are likely to cost (extending the highway from 3.5 m in width to 5m in width, over a 10 m length of road). Want to find out what comes back? Then why not follow the blog!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Atriarc Group Update on Company Development

Just a quick update, a draft website is now live to test formatting, however content is still being developed. Why not pay us a visit at http://www.atriarcgroup.com/ !